About Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek is a gated, deed-restricted equestrian community located off Clark Road (State Road 72) in southern Sarasota County. The community comprises 170 residences and more than 25 miles of saddle trails. All lots are at least 5 acres in size and all homes must be a minimum of 1800 square feet with at least a 2-car garage.

Saddle Creek is conveniently located less than 5 miles east of exit 205 from Interstate 75.  We are close to grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, and feed and tack stores. It is in the Lakeside (elementary), Sarasota Middle, and Riverview High school districts; some of the best schools in Sarasota County.

Residents are required to belong to the homeowners’ Association (SCOA) and to adhere to the bylaws, covenants, and restrictions.  There is no poaching of animals or gunfire allowed.  Annual dues are currently $800 per year.

Horses, Cattle, and Wildlife

A drive through Saddle Creek is a study in tranquility. Horses of all breeds, colors, and types graze peacefully under old oaks in green fields surrounded by 3-board fences. Cattle snooze in the sunshine and an occasional donkey watches the world go by. Don’t be fooled though! Those horses, cows, and donkeys and the fields they graze on all take lots of work. If you look closely, you can see Saddle Creek residents busily mowing, hauling feed and hay, shoveling “fertilizer”, mending fences, and tending to the trees and bushes. Having a property in the country – especially with animals – is a commitment that takes lots of time and work!

Many, if not most, Saddle Creek residents do keep horses or cattle on their property and enjoy a wide variety of equestrian activities-- both English and Western disciplines--as well as driving carts and carriages. With so many saddle trails conveniently winding throughout the neighborhood, there is, of course, lots of trail riding.

In addition to all of the domesticated animals in Saddle Creek, there is an abundance of wildlife. Deer are particularly plentiful and can easily be spotted along the roads--and IN the roads--especially at dusk and the early morning hours. In addition, bobcats, foxes,  and coyotes live in the area and can often be heard at night. There are also lots of water birds at the many lakes and ponds as well as a variety of hawks,  and bald eagles.

Saddle Creek was the featured property in the 
Herald Tribune's Real Estate Magazine on March 8, 2013. Read the article and be sure to check out the photo gallery.


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Located less than 5 miles from I75, (Exit 205, Clark Road),  Saddle Creek is a beautiful, deed restricted, equestrian community in Sarasota County, Florida. Conveniently located close to shopping, banking, and tack and feed stores.  Saddle Creek is in the Lakeside Elementary, Sarasota Middle and Riverview High School district:  Some of the best schools in Sarasota County.